Why You Must Keep Away From Parlay Betting?

For some people, they perceive parlay bet as a too-good-to-be-true way of betting since you players just need to invest a little to win big time. Regardless of the amount you’ve bet, there’s a chance that you can get hefty payout in the play for each single player. But the thing here is, parlay bet can be too dangerous as well because lots of results still need to fall in line to become a winner. Aside from that, there are more reasons why you must keep away from parlay betting. Learn from here.

Why You Must Keep Away From Parlay Betting?

Why You Must Keep Away From Parlay Betting
Why You Must Keep Away From Parlay Betting
  • The house has a bigger edge

Typically, parlays are getting popular especially during football season once bettors would bond a two-digit number of games to win big. Choosing 12 teams on an NFL Saturday and investing $10 could generate a significant amount of payout. This number may go even higher once the risk amount increases to $50 as well as $100.

The truth is, most sportsbook like the Bettingqq101.com Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets do announce big winner, making the prospect of the parlay bet more attractive both for novice and for advanced players. Bear in your mind that it’s essential to know and understand that the house has bigger edge when it comes on parlays rather than straight bets. When parlay bets increase, the juice keeps on increasing as well.

  • Close is not close enough

When you are playing parlays in a regular basis, then you need to ensure that you will adjust your outlook so you can deal with these strategies. This is not an easy one and the truth is, your losing rate is too high. If you’ll win two from three games, then you’ll take home more money.

  • Line shopping

Most sports bettor opts to maximize their earning through shopping always for the best possible price. Say for instance, looking for -4 if the other websites are -4.5 or searching reduced vig options like -104 rather than -110. In betting parlays, you have to hunt the most favorable odds for every team within a betting site. This situation is too rare, thus, you may end up with slightly better odds through creating straight wagers at different betting sites.

When Is The Best Time To Use Parlay Betting?

For professional bettors, parlay betting is useful. As a matter of fact, they can be utilized to avoid max bet limits and could be part of the so-called Kelly bet sizing. But then, most bettors use them not because of bankroll management. It’s because they could violate every risk of ruin as well as optimal growth strategy.

For example, you’ve visited a casino betting $25 on a blackjack win and then you bet $50. You win and bet $100. After that, you keep on winning more and betting higher until you’re bet becomes $800. This is just the same thing when bet a $25 6-team parlay.

Can you consider yourself a recreational bettor who just want to gamble up for a chance to win a huge payout, which is relative to stake? If that’s the case, then most technique utilized is already covered. Other than this, there are some times where you need parlay betting the most such as correlated parlays.

Now that you’re aware the reason why you must avoid parlay betting as well as the right time to use, you can now proceed planning how you can hit the casino to win in blackjack.

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