What Are The Four Surprising Things Live Dealer Won’t Tell You?

For many people, a casino is considered a great opportunity to earn big amount of money especially in Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia while having real fun and enjoy during leisure time. However, there are things that you don’t know about different online casino games and might take away your money. No matter how legitimate your casino site is, there are always dirty secrets they try to hide from you especially by your dealers. So are you curious What Are The Four Surprising Things Live Dealer Won’t Tell You? Then you must continue to read this article.

What Are The Four Surprising Things Live Dealer Won’t Tell You?

Things you should know that live dealers always keep it a secret

  • Dealers sometimes steal and cheat. Live dealers are assigned to their place for some purposes. Since casino aim to earn more money, the realistic about them is that they always want your money. Despite the fun and good time they can provide you, there is a strange ritual your dealer does behind your back. They will always say that they have clear hands but what you don’t know is that they sometimes cheat or steal.
  • Live dealers feel bad for you. Once you lose your casino game, expect that your dealer provides silent pity towards you. They feel sorry for you since you lose your turn to win the game and at the same time lose your money. Although they seem that they want you to succeed in your game play, they always feel bad over you.
  • Live dealers want to receive tips from you. Casino games offers impressive etiquette but most of the live dealers wants to get some tip from you. It is because they have minimum wage and through tip you provide they will have extra income to enjoy and add to their bankroll. Through this way, they will have the chance to double their money in an easy way.
  • They know which casino games are better. If you are new in one casino, your live dealer will have better chance to earn more money. It is because they know which kind of game offers house edge advantage and they will not tell you about it. This will ensure you that you will reduce your advantage to win and achieve little favor in you.

Apply casino tricks to make better decisions and deal with your live dealer

Although there are some little secret lies behind your back that is made by your live dealer, you can use some tricks so you can deal with them in a right way. So before you start your game, you can perform an excellent background check to learn more about their dirty secret. Through this way, you can avoid such circumstances that will prevent you from losing your money. You will now avoid tipping your dealer and do not lose any small amount of money in every game play. Thus, you will also learn which game will provide you good profit and which is not.

Make yourself a wise player and never try to get trick by your live dealers in the casino. Keep in your mind that by simply making yourself knowledgeable and smart you can win over your live dealer. There is no longer a need for you to lose your money since you know by yourself how to handle your situation while you are inside the casino.

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