The Social Issues Should Be Responsibility Of Sports Management And Not Players

Sports management is the body of the sports council of a country that represents and takes action for all the events happening related to sports and the proper functioning of the entire curriculum related to it. The other important binding factor that embodies and the source of energy for all these to take place are the athletes which act as the customers so that it functions properly.  The purpose is not being well served nowadays mainly due to instability of the country or the social-economic problems that are present in the country. But the social issues are increasing and are gaining weight resulting in the in-effective management by the council which is head of the sports. Not trying to correct the scenario, the ministry is entirely accusing the players on these issues.

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There is no chance that only an individual is  completely corrupt but a group of like-minded people joining hands for dishonest gain resulting in sometimes a complete collapse or a dent being formed in the much esteemed organization. So looking into this matter should be done straight away so that punishment is given to guilty and restoration of decorum  happens. By this the sports council (management) can exercise its authority as a proof that it’s handling the responsibilities and need not be lectured  by others. It can even caution others who have the thought of such ill means.

The Social Issues Should Be Responsibility Of Sports Management And Not Players
The Social Issues Should Be Responsibility Of Sports Management And Not Players

The recent Russian Sports Minister’s call to skip the Rio Olympics is an indication that management  of Russian sports authority is trying to cover itself from the entire matter. They could be affected by this situation but in the real sense the athletes that have faced the result of the actions which the authority didn’t completely look into. The hard work, sacrifice and the rigorous endurance that the athlete has gone thorough gets poured into the ashes. The dream of representing the country and making a name and fortune for both him and the country is completely brought down now making him feel worthless and lonely. So these issues have to be addressed so that it provides an encouragement for players who choose sports as their profession. The complete potential of the player can also be unlocked when he is free from all the stress and has faith in the sporting authority and its administration.

Another case in India has become a prime topic recently, Narsingh Yadav, the Indian wrestler competing for a place in the squad that is going to Rio de Janerio has complained that a higher official in the committee being involved for his disqualification has caused many worry factors not only among the people but also for the Prime Minister who has call upon an investigation into the matter.

Things considered as trivial such as maintaining a healthy and clean environment is important. Political influences can  be influential in bringing a lot of changes not only inside the organization but also amongst the players. There is a debate about the problems and the inadequate measures taken by the authority on the village where the Olympics would be conducted and the inconvenience caused to the contestants that are taking part in their respective games. Some accuse that the sports ministry is only looking for the sponsorship it gets for the game and the profit it can acquire and the audience is not completely bothered about the players. So for all these to stop there is only one solution i.e. the sports management must look into the social issues taking up responsibility and stop blaming the players  as this is not only an individual but the country’s prestige which is at stake.


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