How to Play Baccarat Game

Baccarat game is one of the easiest casino games to play, but not all players like to play this game. One of the problems is that they don’t know how to play Baccarat game. Are you interested in this game but you have the same problem? Don’t worry, here are some solutions for you.

How to Play Baccarat Game

How to Play Baccarat Game
How to Play Baccarat Game

Cards Values

Before you play the game using real money, you need to know that the cards values of this game are different from their face values. It is very important since the total value of the cards will determine the winner of this game. The value for 2 to 9 will be the same with their face value or known as pip value, the aces will be considered as 1, while the rest will be considered as 0. To make the correct bet, you need to understand this concept beforehand since it is slightly different from other card games.

Types of Bets

In the Baccarat game, there are three types of bet that you can make here, such as Player bet, Banker bet, and Tie bet. Each of them has different odds and different House Edge that you need to pay to the online casino later. The odds for both Player and Banker bets are more or less the same, but for the Tie bet, the odds will be 8:1. While the House Edge for Player bet is 1.36%, Banker bet 1.06%, and the Tie bet is 14.40%.

The Gamea

After knowing the basics, you surely need to know how to play Baccarat game. The game itself is very simple and you can learn it quickly. The game will use 8 decks of cards and the game will be started by requiring the players to make the bet first. In making the bet, the player on the right side of the dealer will begin making the bet and continued by the next players in the clockwise order. After all, players have made their bets, the dealer will place two cards each in the Player and Banker’s hand. The total value of the cards will be counted and the outcome of the game will be known.

Win the Game

To determine the winner of the game, the total value of the cards needs to reach 9. If the total value of the cards is more than 9, then only the last digit of the number will be used. Although it seems simple, not all players can win this game easily. To be able to win the game, the players need to learn the basic strategy of Baccarat game. Or to be safe, you are suggested to make either Player bet or Banker bet. In this case, you need to avoid Tie bet since the House Edge is very high and you won’t get more profit from it.


Knowing how to play Baccarat game will help you in mastering the game itself. But still, you need to keep practicing to figure out the pace of the game and you will know the correct strategy that is suitable for you to use in the game. Play online baccarat game at Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia for more chances of winnings.

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