Fruit Slots Machines

Fruit slot game machine is considered as a traditional style British game that is often found in arcades and pubs all over United Kingdom. This one is very popular because of the fact that it is highly entertaining and of great fun to play as well. Fruit machines are more skilled-based compared with some other types if slots games and they would have unique features which distinguish them from some other types of slots games.

Differences of Fruit Machines to Other Slot Machines

This kind of slot game is considered to be not common in some other parts of the world. There would be a real element of skill being involved once playing fruit machine and it would mean that there will be greater chances of creating winning combinations. But, there might as well be greater room for error making also the aid slot game more exciting.

Fruit Slots Machines
Fruit Slots Machines

Fruit machines also have this gamble feature and so players are provided with the chance to gamble the winnings. And finally, another reason why this slot game is so popular would be due to the cash ladder and also the bonus board. This would involve stopping into the flashing light as well as being provided with the chance to identify the next move or also to gamble through guessing lower or higher. A certain player might make a move through pressing either the collect or start button. Though the features could look a bit different based on the fruit machine this would only be cosmetic since in general the rules would remain the same or might be very similar.

Though fruit machines are most commonly three reel games which only have a single payline they might be very different with the classic slot machines. In fact, there would be numbers of unique features in this slot game.


In order for you to have better understanding the features of fruit machines, consider the following:

  • Hold Feature. All of the fruit machines would have this feature. There will be hold button and so players could press the button to hold one or more reels into the next spin. There are some fruit machines that would offer certain number of holds into the player and this could also be a random number. Players could hold more than a single reel for numbers of spins.
  • Nudge Feature. This would allow a player to nudge either one or more of the reels into their next spin. Players could be capable to nudge more than a single reel for numbers of spins. Players would also be awarded with nudges during the Bonus Trail Feature and also up to four nudges could be won once travelling around the bonus trail. The number of nudges could also vary in fruit machines. Nudges might also be shown in the payline and they are also of great way to improve the chances of making winning combination.
  • Bonus Trail or the Bonus Board Feature. This feature could be activated at random intervals once into the game. This is made up of number of circles, squares, stars and some other shapes and every shape would have prize or feature along with them. Some of the most common bonus board features are gamble, repeats, collect or continue and free nudges.
  • Cash Ladder. This ladder could flash up and down and the player should aim to hit stop once the cash ladder is lit up as close into the top as possible. The goal is to bag the highest win that is possible on this cash ladder.
  • Gamble Feature. This could be played after every win. Player could gamble winnings after every win. Correct guess would double the winnings but an incorrect guess would mean that you are to lose everything.
  • Cash Pot. Not all fruit machines could have cash pot. Once a player plays on as well as wagers more the cash pot would rise steadily and numbers of players would wait until the cash pot is high prior to taking full advantage of the feature.
  • Repeat Feature. This is another unique feature of fruit machines wherein you need lightning fast reflexes in order to play this feature consisting yes or no that both flash quickly on and off. Once you are skilful enough of managing this then you will be provided with the chance to repeat the winning feature.

Being knowledgeable about features of fruit machines might be of great edge for you to be ahead among other players of the said slot game.

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